It uses Vector in this way to understand potential school liaison activities and transport travel plans




The Grimsby Institute Group is one of England’s largest providers of further and higher education. The Group comprises of the Grimsby Institute, University Centre Grimsby, Scarborough TEC, Lincolnshire Regional College in Skegness, The Academy Grimsby, Career 6 and Modal, a dedicated logistics training facility.

The Group covers an extensive area, therefore detailed insight into the learner market across a range of locations is vital for recruitment and the curriculum planning process.



The Grimsby Institute Group uses Vector to gather information about learners in its local recruitment areas.

They also needed to provide a detailed analysis of its market share, linked to industry sectors. This makes up a key part of its curriculum planning process.

In particular, the group finds Vector’s mapping feature to be invaluable given the wide area from which it recruits. It uses Vector in this way to understand potential school liaison activities and transport travel plans, as well as to identify areas and postcodes it can target specifically for advertising activity.



The detailed understanding Vector affords has resulted in significant benefits.

Vector is able to use school census data in strategic planning, and found the deprivation data to be very advantageous in a recent Ofsted inspection.

The group is now keen to test the latest version of Vector which includes a new HE modelling function, an improved mapping facility, a labour market intelligence dashboard, and a future learner projections tool.

Planning effective recruitment activities is pivotal to enrolment success in today's competitive education landscape so having the benefit of RCU’s Vector in campaign development is incredibly useful. We now have an understanding of demand in far more detail than before which means we can plan communications activities to maximise ROI. The Grimsby Institute's marketing function is moving away from a sole focus on communications and Vector is one of the tools we will be using to ensure our vision for an innovative College is realised

Hugh Callaway

Executive Director of Marketing and Learner Services, Grimsby Institute of Further & Higher Education

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