RCU Consultancy is underpinned by our data analysis and research infrastructure and builds on years of experience in the education, training and skills sector.

The following are examples of consultancy we can offer which will enable you to:

  • achieve targets and increase income;
  • identify routes to competitive advantage;
  • establish stakeholders views;
  • enhance links with the local community;
  • evaluate the outcomes of a programme of activity;
  • assess the feasibility of a new development/initiative;
  • develop a new initiative, perhaps in partnership with others;
  • drive efficiencies and improve effectiveness.

Whether you are looking for a critical friend, facilitator, honest broker or trainer RCU can help.

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10 Step Guide to Fee Income Maximisation

As Government Funding is cut back generating income through Fees has become increasingly important. Many providers are now looking to increase the fee income generated from both individuals and employers. This short video highlights 10 key steps to help increase the fee income you generate.