"It has always been important for Further Education Colleges to provide effective marketing information to prospective clients. However, this has never been more important than now as the market is opening up; learners and employers are expected to pay for training; and colleges need to show how they are accountable and responding to the needs of their community. The role of market intelligence data in the review, planning and promotion of provision is of critical and growing importance".

Peter Munday
Head of Organisational Efficiency and Curriculum Development (LSIS)

Employment Demand by Occupation

Employment Demand by Occupation

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Detailed labour market information on current and future employment demand for UK occupations; including regional employment prospects, top 10 industries, employment change, demand by qualification level, gender and employment status. The dashboard also shows the percentage of vacancies by occupation which are hard to fill and/or suffer from skills shortages.

Making the best use of market intelligence data - Effective practice guide

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This effective practice guide provides feedback on RCU's research in combination with expert guidance on what market intelligence data is available and how to become more effective in using it to support both marketing and planning.