MiDES R10 ILR data collection


15th June 2018


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MiDES is a service developed by RCU and the Association of Colleges (AoC) for member colleges. The service provides AoC college members with a regularly updated suite of in-year benchmarked intelligence reports.

The value of being able to harness in-year data for decision-making within colleges is significant as is the potential for the MiDES reports to contribute to business and curriculum planning as well as to the Self Assessment Report process.

MiDES R10 ILR data collection deadline

The deadline for uploading the R10 data (XML file) to MiDES is Friday 15th June. To upload the data please login at: https://mides.rcu.co.uk/

Following the data collection we will be producing a suite of updated reports which include:

  • Recruitment Trends and Curriculum Profile Report
  • In-Year Retention Report
  • Recruitment by Deprivation Report
  • Apprenticeships Report – (where relevant)
  • Principal’s Summary Report

New GDPR Compliant Privacy Notice

Please note, AoC have produced an updated privacy notice for the MIDES data exchange service, outlining why and how the data is used, how long it will be stored for and what your rights are.

This privacy notice is available both on the AoC website and on the MIDES website here.

In addition, we have produced a separate document which provides specific information and technical details on MiDES Data Protection and Security which you can also access on the MIDES website here.

AoC have appointed a data protection officer (DPO) to oversee compliance with the privacy notice. If you have any questions about the notice, please contact the DPO@aoc.ac.uk.

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