Market Intelligence Tools and LMI for the Education Sector

Vector is a hugely powerful online market intelligence tool that provides detailed analysis of the post-16 learner market within a defined student recruitment area. It enables providers to analyse their current penetration in key market segments, market share and review the coherence of the curriculum offer in comparison with other providers.

MiDES is a service provided for Association of Colleges (AoC) member colleges which provides members with a regularly updated suite of in-year benchmarked intelligence reports on key topics. It also includes a subscription based LMI service designed to help further education colleges ensure they are providing courses and skills that meet the current and future local employment needs.

RCU are specialists in market intelligence and data analysis and have established a national reputation for our ability to analyse client and third party datasets. This sits alongside our research and consultancy services to generate new insights to provide you with more meaningful intelligence.

Underpinning all of our data analysis and statistical assignments are data-handling procedures which have been assessed under the stringent ISO 27001 data security standard.