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AoC and RCU are holding two MiDES User Group meetings in July this year and we would like to invite members to join us and help shape future MiDES developments.

The first User Group meeting will be held in London on Tuesday 5th July at AoC’s offices and the second meeting will take place at RCU’s offices in Preston on the Friday 8th July.

Register for the London User Group (5th July)

Register for the Preston User Group (8th July)

In addition to helping shape future MiDES developments, the User Group provides the opportunity to give your feedback on the current MiDES reports and how these can be developed to reflect the significant changes taking place in the sector. We are ideally looking for a group containing a range of different College backgrounds and job roles to ensure that all points of view are taken into account.

MiDES is a sector owned dataset that provides regular in-year benchmarking reports on topics such as retention, recruitment and deprivation. It also provides the AoC nationally with its most comprehensive and up to date source of data to support member colleges and to demonstrate the unique contribution of the sector.

We are very keen to listen to your views on MiDES and to understand how this free service can be further developed to meet your needs in the future so if you are unable to attend one of the events please do forward any feedback or suggestions on to us. email: 

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