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Ensuring your apprenticeship offer meets skills needs and employer demand – Using the latest data to make informed decisions

For providers working across the further education sector it is essential that any apprenticeship offer is driven by relevant skills demand and a sound business case. This requires access to and an understanding of accurate intelligence and robust data. With the majority of providers using the RCU Apprenticeship Analyser & LMI Tool to inform strategy and decision making as well as curriculum planning, it is really important for them to have access to the most up to date information. This is why we are really pleased to announce the 2017/18 year-end data updates to the Apprenticeship Analyser and LMI Tool have now taken place. This data update ensures that all providers subscribing to the tool now have access to up to date apprenticeship volumes, market share and competitor analysis information.

By using the full national ILR we can ensure that subscribers to the tool have access to the latest information on apprenticeships delivered by all providers in England, enabling them to identify their current position within the apprenticeship market at a local, regional or national level. Providers can identify market share, trends, specialisms, growth areas, competitors and by mapping apprenticeships to occupations the tool also provides greater insight into the employment demand and skills requirements which can be used to inform planning.

User Feedback

In a recent survey of providers using the Apprenticeship Analyser & LMI Tool, we were delighted to see that 100% of users agreed the tool has helped identify opportunities for growth. In addition, 80% agreed the tool has helped align their apprenticeship provision to local employment demand and 80% also agreed it has helped inform the development of new apprenticeship programmes.

Here are a just a few of the benefits providers using the Apprenticeship Analyser & LMI Tool have shared:

“The employment data is useful for showing potential growth/decline in specific occupations in the local area. It’s great to see main training providers named, and the top frameworks/standards listed”.

“I really like the overall ease of use and the quality of displaying data”.

“I find it most valuable for curriculum planning and profiling growth”.

“I use the employment statistics and the skills supply and demand information from the Analyser tool, in line with curriculum tables, to show potential sectors/occupations for employment/training growth”.

Register for the next webinar – Thursday 14th March (11.30 – 12.00pm)

To ensure providers continue to get the most value out of the Apprenticeship Analyser & LMI Tool we will be running a free 30 minute webinar on Thursday 14th March. So whether you are just looking for some refresher training or are looking at the potential benefits of the tool for the first time this would be the perfect place to start.

During the webinar we will demonstrate how you can use the tool to:

  • – Identify your college’s market share
  • – Identify trends, specialisms and gaps in the apprenticeship market
  • – Compare your rank and performance to the top 50 competitors by subject area
  • – Identify skills shortages and key employment opportunities
  • – Align your apprenticeship offer to local employment demand


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