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Apprenticeships Planning and Strategy Workshop: Using Data Effectively to Develop an Effective Business Case – 15th March, 2017 

It is essential that the expansion of any apprenticeship offer is driven by demand and a sound business case should consider both costs and income. This requires access to and an understanding of accurate intelligence and robust data.

RCU Directors Richard Boniface and Mick Fletcher will be delivering this practical and interactive workshop which is designed to support colleges use data effectively to develop a business case for an expanding apprenticeship offer.

The workshop will cover:

  • Effective use of labour market intelligence data to understand demand for apprenticeships
  • Understanding and calculating market share, identifying gaps in the market, and quantifying strengths and weaknesses of competitors
  • Understanding funding for apprenticeships and the implications of the introduction of the levy and compulsory charges for small and medium sized companies
  • Effective pricing strategies and branding and identifying opportunities to add value

Objectives of the workshop:

  • Enable you to develop an apprenticeship strategy
  • Understand how to use labour market intelligence effectively
  • Effective competitor analysis and understanding market position
  • Understand the implications of funding changes for your business strategy
  • Develop an effective pricing strategy and opportunities to add value

Benefits of attending:

By attending this workshop, delegates will gain:

  • Greater confidence in developing a business plan for expanding an apprenticeship offer.
  • Assurance that if you are developing your apprenticeship offer you have the data and evidence to back up these decisions
  • Access to tools and techniques that can support strategic decision-making
  • Ability to assess the quality and value of different data sources

Who should attend:

We envisage that this workshop will be of greater importance and interest to college Principals and Senior Manager, Commercial Directors, Directors of Curriculum and staff responsible for employer engagement, marketing and finance.

For more information and to register for this workshop go to:

AoC Create: Apprenticeship Planning & Strategy Workshop

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