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In-Year Retention and Pass Rates Report

We are pleased to announce that we have now uploaded the latest In-Year Retention and Pass Rates reports for colleges.

This report has been produced as there was demand for an early look at performance in 2015/16. The new MIDES report compares a college’s In-Year Retention and Pass Rates against the MiDES Benchmark.

The report which is based on the MiDES 2015/16 & 2014/15 R14 dataset, shows the In-Year Retention and Pass Rates by Age Band, Qualification Level and Subject. The outputs allow the comparison against the MiDES national benchmark.

Please note however, where the R14 data for your college has not been submitted in either 2014/15 or 2015/16, the reports for your college will only show the national benchmark.

Qualification Achievement Rates and Deprivation

 We have also produced a new Qualification Achievement Rates and Deprivation report for MiDES member colleges. This compares the college’s QAR against the achievement rates of colleges with learners who have a home postcode with similar levels of deprivation. Please note that the data is currently restricted to 2014/15 year-end and the rates presented in the MiDES reports do not directly replicate the QAR as they are an in-year measure. However, these give an early indication of performance well before official statistics are released.

These MiDES reports have been extensively used during recent Ofsted inspections by AoC to support colleges. For further information please contact David Corke, AoC Director of Education and Skills Policy.

To download a copy of your college’s latest MiDES reports go to the MiDES website.

More about MiDES

Each year around 300 colleges upload their college ILR data to the MiDES server and as a result benefit from a free comprehensive suite of in-year benchmarked intelligence reports. These have proved to be extremely popular with AoC members and cover important issues such as the college’s recruitment and curriculum profile, in-year retention and apprenticeships. The service, designed for and continually driven by the sector, has grown from strength to strength over recent years. The new reports have been introduced in direct response to requests from colleges.

MiDES also provides the sector with its own unique in-year national dataset. The Association of Colleges at a national level uses this data, on your behalf, to promote the benefits of the sector and to evaluate the impact of Government policy.

For more information on MiDES please email:

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