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MIDES (Market Intelligence Data Exchange Service) provides a range of in-year benchmarked reports, free of charge to AoC member colleges across England.  If you are a member and don’t yet have access to MiDES please contact us.

R06 ILR collection

The team at RCU are now collecting the 2015/15 R06 XML data returns from all AoC member colleges subscribed to MiDES. The deadline for uploading the college data is Friday 19th February.

Once the collection has closed we will be producing a suite of updated benchmarked reports for all participating colleges. These reports will cover:

  • 2015/16 Recruitment and Curriculum Report
  • In-Year Retention Report
  • In-Year Apprenticeships Report
  • Recruitment by Deprivation Report

MiDES is developed by RCU in partnership with the Association of Colleges (AoC) and is freely available to their members.  If you have any questions about MiDES or would like to arrange for additional user logins to upload data or access the latest reports please email us on mides@rcu.co.uk.

Download the 2015/16 MiDES Report Calendar

Download the 2015/16 calendar for all key dates including when to upload your college data and when the newest reports will be released.

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