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MiDES, our Market Intelligence Data Exchange Service designed in partnership with the Association of Colleges (AoC), is freely available to college members.

Following the recent collection of the latest in-year ILR data (R10) from 300 AoC member colleges, the team at RCU have now produced a brand new suite of in-year, benchmarked reports. To access the reports, users can log in to their secure MiDES accounts where they can download reports for their college.

The latest reports include:

• Recruitment and Curriculum Profile Report;
• In-Year Retention Analysis Report;
• Apprenticeships Report; and the
• Recruitment by Deprivation Profile Report.

Grouped MiDES reports

All reports enable the colleges to compare their own provision and performance against other colleges using selected benchmarks such as the national or regional average, by provider type (GFE / SFC) and by deprivation or rurality.

Anyone who does not currently have an account, but is an AoC member college, should contact us to request access.

In the coming weeks, we will also be publishing findings from the two MiDES member college user groups that we held earlier this month.

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