New MIDES data reports available for AoC member colleges


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New MIDES data reports available for AoC member colleges

Following the recent collection of the 2018/19 R06 ILR data from Association of Colleges (AoC) member colleges, we are have now released the latest benchmarked data reports. All participating colleges will now be able to login to the their secure MiDES accounts via and download the new reports, including the:

  • – Recruitment Trends and Curriculum Profile Report
  • – In-Year Retention Analysis Report
  • – New Apprenticeships Report Click here for more info (available to member colleges delivering apprenticeships only)

All of the MiDES reports have been designed to enable colleges to compare their own learner recruitment, curriculum and performance against other college groups, using selected benchmarks such as the nation or regional average or by provider type (GFE or Sixth Form College).

Recruitment trends and curriculum profile report

The MIDES Recruitment Report enables member colleges to identify changes between this year’s and last year’s recruitment profile and compare this with other comparator groups such as the national, regional or by provider type.  The report enables members to carry out detailed analysis of recruitment change by learner type, subject area and qualification level so, for example, if you want to know whether 16-19 learner numbers studying ICT at Level 3 are up or down this year, this report is the one for you.

Likewise, the curriculum report provides more insight into how your college’s curriculum profile compares to other comparator groups. Because your college’s learner market is local, there may be good reasons why the shape of your curriculum offer is different to the wider benchmark and this report will show you just how it differs.

In-Year Retention Report

The MIDES In-Year Retention Report contains valuable information which enables you to identify and compare month by month retention trends within your college to other selected comparator groups.  Using this report, you can identify some really powerful in year retention trends not just at sector subject area level, but also to drill down to identify key strengths or weaknesses by level of study or learner characteristic.

Apprenticeships Report

For those colleges delivering apprenticeships, this report offers a straight forward and valuable comparison between your own apprenticeships recruitment profile to other colleges in your region or nationally, enabling you to identify how your provision compares within the most popular apprenticeship frameworks and standards.  The report also offers a month by month comparison of your overall number of apprenticeships on-programme, new starts, completions and withdrawals against the selected benchmark.

For more information or to download your college MiDES reports go to:

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