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MiDES (The Market Intelligence Data Exchange Service) was developed by RCU in partnership with the Association of Colleges and is freely available to college members. The service has been designed for colleges and is maintained and updated in response to changing sector priorities and feedback from the college led MiDES User Group.

As part of the service college members receive a suite of in-year reports every few months including:

  • Recruitment and Curriculum Profile Report
  • In-Year Retention Report
  • In-Year Apprenticeships Report
  • Recruitment by Deprivation Report
  • Value Added Report
  • Annual Summary Report

The MiDES Annual Summary Report for 2015/16 provides a high level summary of the latest MiDES In-Year Retention report and Curriculum Profile report. This year, the information in the report is sourced from the 2015/16, R10 ILR MiDES dataset which includes returns from 300 AoC member colleges.

The report focuses on the in-year retention of classroom learners (all ages) enrolled on long courses between September 2015 and April 2016 and the profile of learner volumes by subject area. In each case the report compares the profile of the individual college against the national benchmark.

For more information about the Principal’s Annual Summary Report please visit

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