Linking Skills Supply with Employment Demand

A new web-based software tool has been developed by RCU to help colleges analyse and plan for apprenticeship provision so they can meet government targets.


RCU launch the new Apprenticeship Analyser


The new Apprenticeship Analyser is an online tool that offers unique and precise data to colleges on current supply of apprenticeships, market share, gaps in the market and employer demand. It will also help identify skills shortages and sector priorities.

Colleges will need to access data that can help them design an apprenticeship offer driven by local business demand. This tool gives them that data as RCU has unrivalled access to apprenticeship information.

Richard Boniface, Managing Director of RCU, says;

“At a time when budgets are tight and area reviews are providing additional challenges alongside the targets set by government for apprenticeships, this tool we’ve developed will help colleges plan effectively and deliver a curriculum that meets local and sector demand.”

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Apprenticeship Analyser

Apprenticeship Analyser - Developed by RCU in partnership with the AoC

Apprenticeship Analyser - Developed by RCU in partnership with the AoC

The Apprenticeship Analyser has been build in partnership with and is endorsed by the Association of Colleges (AoC). The Apprenticeship Analyser is available to all AoC member colleges on an annual subscription basis which is accessed via the MiDES website to ensure they have the latest information they require to continue to serve the needs of their local communities in respect to skills needs and apprenticeship provision.

The AoC Create Consultancy Team have recently developed a bespoke service that is designed to help colleges grow their Apprenticeship provision. Modular in style and utilising RCU’s Apprenticeship Analyser, the package may be commissioned individually or as part of an overall solution and is intended to support colleges throughout the various stages of the Apprenticeship growth journey. To download a brochure and find out more please contact AoC Create: AoC Create Apprenticeship Growth Service.

Apprenticeship Analyser Key Features

Apprenticeship frameworks and pathways linked to jobs
New apprenticeship standards included as learners start on the prgorammes
Competitor analysis at subject level
Market share and rank within the local area
Curriculum design linked to skills supply and demand

Key Features of the Apprenticeship Analyser & LMI Tool

Employment Demand

LMI data presented within the RCU Apprenticeship Analyser enables you to identify the current and future employment demand for all Occupations. You will be able to discover the largest occupations or industries in your area, growth areas or the level of skills shortages in specific jobs.

Skills Shortages

Identify those occupations facing the highest level of skills shortages as reported by employers on the latest UKCES Employer Skills Survey (ESS).

LEP area profile and sector priorities

A new Apprenticeship Analyser also now features Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) area profiles, including industry and employment demand reports, and identified priorities for skills and economic growth.

Apprenticeship Recruitment and Market Share

Compare the volume of apprenticeships skills delivered in your local area to relevant employment demand. The online Apprenticeship Analyser tool presents powerful data such as your college’s market share, apprenticeship volumes and trends, by subject area, programme level and even down to individual frameworks and pathways. Detailed provider lists also show who else delivers apprenticeships in your area and how their quality of provision compares.

Apprenticeship Starts, Completions and Withdrawals by Month

The Apprenticeship Analyser enables you to compare the monthly profile of apprentices (starts, on programme, completions etc) for your college and all other apprenticeship providers. You can also break the reports down by Sector Subject Area (tier 2), programme level (apprenticeship, advanced or higher), area and age band.

“The tool will help us design an apprenticeship offer that will resonate with employers in our region giving us a distinct competitive edge.”

Carl Miles

Head of Marketing at Preston's College

To find out more about the Apprenticeship Analyser and to see how it can help your college, or to book an online demonstration of the tool please contact Chris Lee or get in touch using our online contact form.