Vector Market Intelligence Tool

Making Informed Decisions

Vector provides detailed insight in to your local learner market supporting informed strategic decisions and curriculum development


Identify areas of strength and opportunities for development


Vector enables you to compare learning and skills provision and trends in your local area against other providers

Vector provides insight in the learner market showing your college’s penetration and market share in the local area, identifying areas of strength or further opportunity and provides a detailed curriculum comparison to other providers in your area.

Vector uses national ILR data and the national pupil database to provide information about all learners in your local recruitment area, not just learners studying at your college.

Vector uses interactive maps, charts and tables to display the outputs, making it really intuitive and easy to use, even for inexperienced IT users.

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Vector is endorsed by the Association of Colleges

Vector is endorsed by the Association of Colleges

The Vector market intelligence tool is endorsed by the Association of Colleges (AoC) and is available to all AoC member colleges to ensure they have the latest information they require to measure and continue to serve the needs of their local communities.

Benefits of Vector

Detailed analysis of the post-16 learner market in your local recruitment area
Market share and penetration in key market sectors compared to other providers
Detailed curriculum analysis
Competitor summary for other providers in your area
Easy to use online tool which can be shared effortlessly

Key Features of Vector

Market Share

Discover where the College has a stronger or weaker market share footprint and identify further opportunity to strengthen recruitment activity and improve perceptions of the College.

Recruitment & Provider Analysis

Vector shows the total volume of learners and 3 year trends in the defined area by specific provider group including your college, FE Colleges, Sixth Form Colleges, School Sixth Forms and Private Training Providers. You can compare learner volumes and market share by year, local area, age band, finding model, subject area and highest NVQ level.

Detailed Curriculum Analysis

Curriculum tables enable you to examine and compare the curriculum offer of your college with other providers to identify any strengths and opportunities for further curriculum development.

“Vector has been really important in regards to how we develop our curriculum at Salford City College. It really is worth every penny that we spend on it.”

Rebecca Wilkins

Director of Marketing at Salford City College

To find out more about, and request a demo of the Vector tool and how it can help your college, contact Chris Lee, Director of Marketing and Communications at