ILR Anonymiser

Removing personal and sensitive learner data from ILR files to ensure colleges uploading data to the MiDES Benchmarking Service are compliant with data protection and GDPR

About the ILR Anonymiser

The RCU ILR Anonymiser is a free, and easy to use tool which enables colleges uploading learner data to the AoC MiDES service, to strip personal and sensitive data about learners from their ILR files. This helps ensure compliance with data protection and GDPR legislation.

RCU regularly collect ILR files from colleges in order to produce benchmarked data reports about a range of learning and performance indicators.  This ILR Anonymiser tool has been developed to provide additional peace of mind to our clients and ensure compliance when sharing ILR data to external parties.

The RCU ILR Anonymiser differs from other similar tools as it also creates a supplementary geography to deprivation band lookup table during the anonymisation process which can be used to support the production of valuable learner deprivation reports. For more information about this tool please download and review the User Guide below.

Download the User Guide

Please note, the current ILR anonymiser will only work with 2023/24 ILR data.

If you wish to anonymise ILR data from earlier years you can download the relevant tool below.

Download the 2022/23 ILR Anonymiser

Download the 2021/22 ILR Anonymiser

Download the 2020/21 ILR Anonymiser

Download the 2019/20 ILR Anonymiser


Trusted Partner

As a Company Partner of the Market Research Society, RCU are accredited to the prestigious international industry standard ISO 27001 for data security and ISO 20252 for research and quality.

We apply the latest techniques of research and analysis to our work and adhere to strict codes of professional ethics.

Key staff are Accredited researchers by the Office of National Statistics (ONS). We also work with a number of government agencies.

ISO 27001 Standard (Information Security)
ISO 27001 Standard (Information Security)
ISO 20252 Standard (Market Research)
ISO 20252 Standard (Market Research)
MRS Company Partner
MRS Company Partner

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