To what extent does your college curriculum meet the needs of the local community?

RCU Curriculum Report

The new RCU Curriculum Report provides colleges with an independent and informed assessment of how well their current curriculum offer meets local community and skills needs.

This report uses post-16 learner data alongside up to date LMI, and will clearly identify strengths, weaknesses and gaps in local skills provision. With access to national ILR and school sixth form data, RCU are in a unique position to add greater insight into the college’s curriculum intent for more informed strategic planning.

What’s included?

Using the latest available data RCU will produce a detailed report for your college exploring:

  • LSIP Priority Skills Sectors
  • Local supply of skills (covering 16-19, adult, apprenticeships and higher education)
  • Employment demand and skills needs
  • Local socio-economic and demographic profile
  • Relevance and responsiveness of local skills provision
  • Strengths, Weaknesses and opportunities for further consideration in respect to your college’s curriculum offer.

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