College MIDES Benchmark Data Reports Updated

We’re delighted to announce that the latest MIDES benchmarked data reports for AoC member colleges have just been updated. Based on the most recent data (2023/24 R06 ILR) submitted to MIDES by over 230 colleges, several interactive data reports have been refreshed to provide you with the latest insights.

Key updates include:

  • In-Year Retention Reports – Updated data for both 16-19 and Adult Learners.
  • Learner Profile Reports – Fresh insights for 16-19, Adult Learners, and Apprenticeships.
  • Apprenticeship Reports – Detailed breakdowns of apprenticeship starts, completions, and withdrawals, by subject area, level and month.

Please be aware that these updated R06 reports are exclusively accessible within the Interactive Reports section of MIDES. The previous downloadable Excel-based versions of these reports are no longer being produced.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to provide you with valuable insights into your college’s performance and progress. Explore the latest data reports on MIDES today!

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MiDES is a shared service developed by RCU for the Association of Colleges. It provides access to a variety of in-year and benchmarked data reports specifically designed for college members.