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2019/20 R13 ILR data request

We are now collecting the R13 ILR data from all AoC, MiDES member colleges in order to produce the latest benchmarked data reports. These include:

Please note, the R13 ILR should be anonymised prior to uploading.

Using the new RCU ILR Anonymiser

Earlier this year we introduced the new RCU ILR Anonymiser tool which is a free and easy to use solution available for AoC member college submitting data to MIDES.

To use the new ILR Anonymiser tool please download the .exe file using the link below.

Download ILR Anonymiser

Uploading your ILR to MiDES

Once your R13 ILR has been anonymised please then upload the new zip file created to MiDES using the link below.

Upload your ILR data to MiDES

2020-21 MiDES Calendar

You can access and download the new MIDES upload and reporting calendar for the 2020-21 academic year here

MiDES Calendar (2020-21)