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MiDES Benchmarked Data Reports Updated

We are delighted to announce that the MIDES benchmarked data reports have been updated with the latest information.

Using the most recent data (2023/24 R10 ILR) submitted by over 230 colleges, the following interactive data reports have been updated:

  • Learner Deprivation (16-19 and Adult Learners)
  • In-Year Retention (16-19 and Adult Learners)
  • Learner Recruitment (16-19, Adult Learners, and Apprenticeships)
  • Apprenticeship Starts, Completions, Withdrawals by Month

Please note, these updated reports are available for Association of Colleges (AoC) member colleges and can be accessed within the Interactive Reports section of the MiDES benchmarking service website.

To download the latest reports available for you college, visit 

MIDES website