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New 16-18 Learner Projections Tool

For the better part of the last 10 years, demographic changes have resulted in a significant decline in the number 16-18 year olds in many areas of the country. This has in turn resulted in fewer learners enrolled at colleges and much greater levels of competition between local providers.

However, in many areas the future looks far more positive as the 16-18 year old population has started to grow once again.

In line with this positive outlook, and to ensure colleges are able to plan effectively for the future, we are delighted to introduce our brand new 16-18 learner projections tool which is included free within the latest Vector market insight tool.

This new 16-18 learner projections tool uses a combination of local demographic trends and population projections along with the college’s market share at a local authority district level to model future learner numbers.

With this new tool we aim to provide robust and independently produced insight for all colleges who subscribe to Vector, into future learner demand at an organisational level which can be used to inform strategic planning and set more reliable targets for the future.

In addition to the new 16-18 learner projections tool, Vector 3.0 also now also comes with a new Higher Education Module (combining HESA and ILR data for a much greater insight into the local HE market) and a new LMI and Local Skills Demand Module.

This is set to provide significantly more data and insight into learner demand and the profile of employment and skills needs in your local area.

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If you would like any further information about the latest developments in Vector, including the new 16-18 learner projections tool, we would love to hear from you.

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