Grade Profile Reports for Colleges

Benchmarked Grade Profile Reports for Colleges 

We’re delighted to introduce the new benchmarked grade profile report which is now available as an interactive report on the MiDES benchmarked data service website.

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The new grade profile report shows the number and proportion of learners by grade achieved for those completing Extended Diplomas in 2020/21.

Colleges are able to benchmark the grade profile of their own learners across a range of different learning aims grouped by subject area, against a range of comparator groups, including national, regional, provider type, deprivation and rurality.

This is the first in a series of grade profile reports. The data is currently limited to learners on the 16-19 funding model who completed their Extended Diploma in 2020/21. Further grade profile reports are expected to include GCSEs, A Levels and various other qualifications.

All reports will also be updated later this year to include the 2021/22 data.

If you have questions about any of the MIDES benchmarked reports please get in touch.

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