New MiDES schedule for 2018/19

MiDES is a service developed by RCU and the Association of Colleges (AoC) and provides member colleges with a suite of regularly updated and valuable in-year benchmarked intelligence reports.

At the start of each new academic year we review each of the reports, with the help of valuable college feedback and put forward the new reporting schedule for the coming year.

You can download the new MiDES reporting calendar for 2018/19 here

Between now and the end of November we have five, highly valued reports coming out which include the:

  • In-Year Retention Report
  • Apprenticeships Report
  • GCSE English, Maths and Functional Skills Reports
  • Our Early National Recruitment Report, and the
  • 2017/18 Summary Performance Report

As the year continues, we will also be releasing our new benchmarked reports on Student Recruitment, Curriculum Profiles, Learner Progression, Value added and Performance Measures, National Achievement Rates and Completion & Attainment Rates.

These reports are all produced using ILR data submitted to MiDES by AoC member colleges, creating a sector owned dataset which AoC can harness to promote the profile and importance of the college sector and member colleges can use in-year to review performance and inform decision making, curriculum planning and self-assessment.

Colleges submit their ILR data to MiDES at set intervals throughout the year, enabling us to produce regular updates which can be used to monitor performance and changes in-year which is extremely valuable to members.

Here is just one example of how the in-year reports are helping colleges:

“We knew we had a retention problem, but we hadn’t realised the scale. We also hadn’t realised that certain types of provision and certain learner groups were particularly affected. Because the data was in-year, we had a chance of changing things. Having to wait for the usual benchmark information would have meant further cohorts would have started and the retention problems would have carried on and affected them” Myerscough College

For more information on MiDES go to: or email the team on