Sunburst Report – Learning and Performance Summary

MIDES Learning and Performance Summary (Sunburst Report)

The Learning and Performance Summary Report (aka Sunburst Report) provides a highly visual summary of how the mix and balance of provision at your compares to other colleges in the sector. The report is typically published in April each year following the release of the latest National Achievement Rate Tables (NART) and QAR.

Headline comparisons can then be made to groups of AoC member colleges of a similar provider type (e.g. GFE or SFC) at a region and national level.


The report breaks down the profile of learning for each funding stream (16-19, adults, apprenticeships) by qualification level and sector subject area, enabling you to compare your college’s offer to that of a wider benchmark and identify any particular specialisms or potential growth opportunities. The report uses R14 ILR data submitted by colleges to MiDES for the previous full academic year.

The Sunburst Report also provides relative ranking of colleges based on a range of performance data comparisons including: ESFA National Achievement Rate Tables; DfE 16-18 Key Stage 5 Performance Tables; and Ofsted Managment Information – Further Education and Skills. The relative ranking comparisons shown in the report include:

  • – GCSE English Progress
  • – GCSE Maths Progress
  • – Level 3 Progress (Academic / Applied General Scores)
  • – Tech Level / Technical Certificate, Completion and Attainment Scores
  • – Level 2 Vocational Quals, Completion and Attainment Scores
  • – 16-18 Overal QAR
  • – 19+Overall QAR
  • – Apprenticeship Overall QAR


To download the latest report please visit the MiDES website.

MiDES is a shared service developed by RCU for the Association of Colleges. AoC member colleges submit their learner data to the secure MIDES data server creating a new sector-owned dataset. This creates a hugley powerful data resource for members that provides unique in-year benchmarking information.

In addition to this annual Learning and Performance Summary Report, AoC member colleges participating in MiDES receive a variety of reports that focus on:

  • – Recruitment change
  • – Curriculum profile
  • – In-year retention
  • – Apprenticeships
  • – GCSE English and Maths
  • – Value added and progress measures
  • – Learner progression

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