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For the complete picture on Degree and Higher Apprenticeship Demand

Including apprenticeship participation, trends, market share, competition, and local skills needs to inform your curriculum planning and strategy for growth.

Developed in partnership with the university sector, Insight U provides a complete picture of degree and higher apprenticeships alongside local labour market demand, enabling universities to make more informed decisions about their apprenticeship offer.

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RCU are leaders in innovative data analysis, evidence based research and market intelligence services for the post-16 education and skill sector.

If you are seeking data insight and evidence to inform strategic decision making and planning within your university, then RCU can help.

How can Insight U help?

Insight U is an online, data visualisation and insight tool which combines national data reporting on degree and higher apprenticeship starts and completions, alongside information about local employment demand and community skills needs.

Key Benefits

Identify Trends and Demand for Degree and Higher Apprenticeships

Identify Growth Opportunities

Identify Market

Identify Key

More informed Curriculum Planning

Identify Local Labour Market and Skills Needs

Highly visual and easy
to use

All key data in
one place

The Insight U tool contains a range of highly visual maps, interactive dashboards, charts and data tables, and offers precise data to universities on the delivery of degree and higher level apprenticeships, market share, gaps in the market, and potential opportunities for growth.

Having access to all this data in a single, easy to use tool, enables universities to quickly carry out analysis, share findings, and supports more informed decision making.

Insight U enables you to easily identify who your main local competitors are and identifies who the largest providers are, by target geographical area, qualification level and curriculum area (including technical education route, pathway and standard).

Insight U provides a unique link between apprenticeship standards and occupation.

This match between skills supply and demand is a key element to support business development and investment in an apprenticeship offer that meets local employment demand.

If you are looking to expand or review your existing portfolio, Insight U not only identifies whether demand for your apprenticeship offer is high, but whether it also supports a strong, and growing employment sector. Or perhaps you may discover demand is low and employment opportunities are scarce and in decline.

Insight U provides the total number of apprenticeship starts for the past three years, by technical education route, pathway, apprenticeship standard and qualification level.

Using this data, you can quickly compare your own apprenticeship offer to that of other providers operating in your target sectors and geographical areas.

The detailed curriculum tables also enable to you to spot any potential gaps in the market and opportunities for growth.

“LSBU is one of the leaders of higher and degree apprenticeships in England. Since starting in 2016 LSBU has grown to around 2600 apprentices across 30 standards and is on a continuous journey to meet the demand of local and national employers and communities. As part of future development and to ensure that LSBU is delivering the programmes required to support the growth of the economy especially during these times, LSBU invested in the RCU Insight U platform. The platform has provided LSBU with a unique system that delivers valuable data and insight easily, which is used to inform high level discussions around the shape and nature of our future curriculum offer.”

"The team at RCU were excellent at listening to LSBU's requirements and developing the tool for us timely as promised."

Sammy Shummo
Group Director of Apprenticeships, LSBU

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