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Discover what’s new in Vector for 2022/23

Data updates and new features for 2022/23

In the first couple of weeks of October, we will be updating all college Vector platforms with the latest 2021/22 ILR and NPD (school sixth form) data.

We are also introducing a range of new data and features this year, including the introduction of T-Level data tables, national skills fund (NSF) data, Census 2021 data and more.

This offers the most up to date view of the local 16-19, adult and apprenticeship learner markets and provides robust evidence to help you make important decisions about learner recruitment, curriculum planning and local skills needs.

Vector webinars

If you want to brush up on your Vector skills and find out what’s new in Vector for 2022/23, we are running a series of Vector training webinars over the coming months.

The next available dates include:

  • Wed 28th Sep (11:30 to 12.15pm)
  • Wed 5th Oct (12 to 12:45pm)

To register for any of the webinars please use the ‘Webinar Registration” link below. More dates will be announced shortly too.

Vector Webinar Registration

These webinars are open to all users so please share this with your colleagues too.

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