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Oldham College wins the AoC Beacon award for Support for Students.

Oldham College have incorporated the 5 pillars of Contextualised Safeguarding (Collaborative; Ecological; Rights-based; Strengths-based; Evidence -informed) into their daily Safeguarding & Welfare activities and have developed a unique Safeguarding Personal Development programme.

Students have applied their learning as part of a Greater Manchester campaign to challenge street harassment (Safer Streets) and help keep women and girls safe on and around Greater Manchester’s public transport network.

They have worked with key partners to pioneer a new ‘Street Doctors’ programme which teaches young people emergency life-saving skills with a focus on injuries sustained from stabbings. This course has also provided young people with information about their legal rights if they get caught up in a violent situation, and builds their social and emotional skills.

Now in its 28th year, the AoC Beacon Awards showcase best practice and innovation in colleges. It is designed to promote the interdependence of colleges, businesses and professional and voluntary organisations. The awards also highlight excellence and helps share best practice across the sector. 

Chris Lee, RCU Director of Marketing and Communications said: “Oldham College presented a highly effective and important model for educating both students and their local community on gender based violence.  RCU are proud to sponsor the AoC Beacon Awards and we were delighted to announce Oldham College as winners this year.”

Mark White, Chair of AoC’s Charitable Trust said: “The AoC Beacon Awards showcase exactly why colleges are so important to every community and why people value them. This award recognises examples of excellent practical teaching and learning. The work of the winning college shows how important colleges are in providing students with the necessary skills for the real world.”