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South Devon College wins RCU Support for Students Award

South Devon College has won an AoC Beacon Award for Support for Students.

Building on a decade long highly successful and award-winning relationship with local NHS and Local Authority partners, South Devon College champions Young Adult Carers. The college’s interventions are simple and effective, by understanding individual circumstances they facilitate interventions that remove barriers and enable success. South Devon College has recognised the increasing complexities of Young Adult Carer responsibilities, the growth in number of this cohort, and the increasingly complex needs of young people with caring roles, to ensure no Young Adult Carer is left behind.

Now in its 27th year, the AoC Beacon Awards showcase best practice and innovation in colleges. It is designed to promote the interdependence of colleges, businesses and professional and voluntary organisations. The awards also highlight excellence and helps share best practice across the sector. 

Chris Lee, RCU Director of Marketing and Communications said: “Huge congratulations to South Devon College for recognising and responding to the increasing challenges faced by Young Adult Carers. This project demonstrated an excellent and successful model, which addresses and removes barriers faced by young people with caring roles to ensure no one is left behind.”

Mark White, Chair of AoC’s Charitable Trust said: “The AoC Beacon Awards showcase exactly why colleges are so important to every community and why people value them. This award recognises examples of excellent practical teaching and learning. The work of the winning college shows how important colleges are in providing students with the necessary skills for the real world.”


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