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Vector training webinars in February

In response to popular demand we have scheduled more Vector introduction and training webinars which will be delivered weekly throughout February.

These webinars are designed to provide users (and potential new users) with a greater understanding on how they can use the Vector platform to gather data and evidence they require to make informed decisions within the college.

With unique access to post-16 learner data Vector offers detailed insight and evidence which can be used to inform strategy and planning within colleges. And now, in addition to the very latest ILR and school sixth form learner data for 2019/20, we are also pleased to introduce the new Employment and Community Context modules to Vector for even greater insight into local skills needs.

This month the two themes we will be focussing on are:

Using Vector to inform Curriculum Planning (meeting local community and skills needs)

Wednesday 10th Feb (11am) – Registration Closed

Using Vector to inform College Marketing and Student Recruitment

Wednesday 17th Feb (11am) – Registration Closed

Wednesday 24th Feb (11am) – Registration Closed

If you or a colleague would like to join us for this webinar please use the links above to register for your preferred date.