College Staff Survey 2019 Follow-Up

The College Staff Survey 2019 Follow-Up Report, commissioned by the Department for Education and produced by Kantar UK Public Division, working with RCU, is a follow up to the original College Staff Survey published in November 2018.

This latest report presents findings from the 3,694 teachers and leaders from general FE and specialist FE Colleges (excluding sixth form colleges and other types of FE provider) who participated in the follow-up survey between April and June 2019, approximately 12 months after the main stage survey.

Findings represent a further leap forward in terms of our understanding of the FE workforce. The earlier 2018 survey findings provided rich data
on the factors that may lead to retention difficulties in the sector, including perceptions of levels of pay and poor management at institutional level. The follow-up survey of
teachers and leaders focuses on those who have moved role or have a job outside of FE. It provides additional insights into the reasons teachers and leaders decide to move.

Download the 2019 Follow-Up Report